What is Permanent Jewelry?

In simple terms, it is a custom fit jewelry without a clasp. You can create a seamless bracelet, necklace, rings, anklet, or body chains that you don't have to take off.

This service is for EVERYONE!! It could be used as a tribute to relationships, meaningful milestones, or as a gift to love ones. Most materials are made out of gold-filled, but solid gold can be used as well but with a heavier price tag.

Having a permanent jewelry on has little to no maintenance! Wake up ready to slay the day with less time getting ready In the morning.

Why train with Rie?

  • I will teach you the methods that worked BEST for me
  • No gatekeeping here!! I'll show you all the tips and proper techniques to create the perfect weld.
  • I'll teach you how to start your business, legalize your company, trademarking, setting up an LLC, etc.
  • I'll show you the potential income that you can make and the ROI of this service.
  • The kit that I provide has EVERYTHING you'll need to practice and start on clients.
  • All the do's and don'ts and mistakes I made.
  • Basically, everything that I know about permanent jewelry. From concepts to running your new business to marketing it.