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Introducing our Long Isolation Tweezer – Your Ultimate Lash Artistry Companion!

Are you ready to take your lash isolation skills to the next level? Designed with beginners in mind, our Long Isolation Tweezer is here to make your lash extension journey smoother than ever before. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to precision!

Crafted for flawless lash isolation.The strong grip of our tweezers empowers you to isolate with ease. But that's not all – our Long Isolation Tweezer is also your trusty sidekick during fills. The robust grip comes to your aid when it's time to remove extensions, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

And here's the unique twist – we've included a ruler on the bottom part of the tweezer. Now, you can measure lash length on the go. Precision meets innovation in this must-have tool for lash artists.

• Lightweight and Good grip (helps with removals)

• Diamond Grip with Matte Finish

•Caters to different skill levels



Use medical grade wipes to clean, then soak into a disinfecting solution (do not over soak). When using a tweezer cleaner, only dip the tip part. Acetone/alcohol might affect the matte surface of the handle.

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